DELIBERATE OPERATIONS reflects the EIC's view of how it conducts considered and sustained operations in space and sets the foundation for developing other fundamentals, tactics, techniques, and procedures. These operations are designed and/or spontaneously realized to reveal or conceal certain features of the environment.

Evidence of these operations may be presented as photographs, texts, publications, exhibitions, meetings and rendezvous. However, these manifestations are only temporary. They should be regarded as always in flux, providing an ever-shifting framework of ideas and actions upon which to build the provisional and tenuous responses necessary to engage the larger issues of impermanence and amorphousness in contemporary life. DELIBERATE OPERATIONS can be thought of as a ghost structure erected in the gaps between conventional knowledge and abstract thought. This structure, which reveals the true shape of these conventions, as well as the potential for their negation, is of greater interest to us than any of the specific subjects addressed here in.

For these records to mean anything, they must come alive in classrooms, homes, workplaces, public spaces and daily practice. Learn from them, adhere to them, and continue to help us adapt them to the complex and competitive environments in which we operate.

Victory starts here!


8.5 x 11 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm)
Staple bound
Laser printed
93 pages
Issued November 11, 2013
EIC Press

Out of print

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