A Concept is a Brick

This project is the product of an exchange between collective members, wherein each image was made, modified, and remade several times. The resulting images, hybrids that combine photography and 3D rendering, explore the many ways an object or an idea can change its meaning depending on how it is produced and presented

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This project borrows its title from the 1971 cult classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic. The premise of that novel, a society faced with the presence of powerful and often misunderstood technology, sets the tone for a series of photographs, digital images, and sculptures that approach the contemporary image landscape as a Zone of unexplained phenomena and a source of dubious economies.

A Brief History of the Sphere

While photographing in the streets of Kyoto one of our members made an image of a large sphere made of clay or stone or some similarly dense material. It was wedged into place atop its pallet by bulky rough-hewn shims. This presented a good starting point from which many trajectories could be followed, none of them specific enough that the path was clear...


Assemblage of images, objects and interventions that seek to examine the ways in which photography might be used to reveal and/or conceal certain aspects of the environment, materials, etc. The particular materials are insignificant except for their inherent tendency to reflect light. Of greater importance are the tactics used here to negate or express this tendency.

Everything Is Anything Else

In this project we developed a participatory model, a process that could open up questions about what a photograph can do, how we see it, what perceptions it can cause, and what actions these perceptions can cause in turn. Everything is Anything Else is a multi platform project that includes a series of editioned prints, an archive of over 500 images illustrating the extended history of these editioned works, as well as a blog and reading list. We consider this project versatile in its presentation, and it can be exhibited in a variety of configurations both on and off line.

Everything Is Anything Else Archive

Archive of over 500 images illustrating the extended history of the works in Everything Is Anything Else.