Full Empty (2015)

Exhibition of archival pigment photographic prints, dye sublimation aluminum prints, laser-engraved Mars Red acrylic, 3d objects

First exhibited at Filter Photo, Chicago, IL 12.4–12.28.15

Shadows don't make sense in The Zone

Topography (Cross Section)


Topography (Zone Contour Map), 24" x 28", laser engraved Mars Red acrylic, stainless steel standoffs

Full Empty (Stratification)

Full Empty (Stratification), 20" x 24", Archival pigment print in unfinished maple frame w. Mars Red acrylic

Full Empty (Field Specimen Physical)

Full Empty (Field Specimen Virtual)

left: Full Empty (Field Specimen Physical); right: Full Empty (Field Specimen Virtual). 16" x 20" archival pigment prints, unfinished maple frames

Boundary #1, 35" x 43", archival pigment, unfinished maple frame

Topography (Ceres)

Fully Empty (Lab Test)

Topography (Test Chart)

Full Empty is an exhibition of images and objects that chart the uncertain territory between representation and reality. Some of these images are our own, others are the by-products of scientific or government reconnaissance. Reconnaissance images are important here- they differ from all other kinds of imagery because they are oriented entirely toward an experimentation in contact with the real. These images are surveys. These images make maps. Advancements in technology have increased both the methods of reconnaissance available, and the territories they are capable of seeing. Images of this nature are conceived with a narrow scope and a specialized language in place. The scope expands when that language is removed. Unmoored from definitions, these images have been manipulated to address landscapes beyond those that they depict. This has been done in recognition of an era in which the essential voyages of discovery will be undertaken by the most common individuals..

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