Zachary Norman, Jason Lukas & Aaron Hegert

Chicago / SLC / TX

Everything Is Collective (E.I.C.) is an ongoing collaboration between three artists: Jason Lukas, Zachary Norman, and Aaron Hegert. Since 2013 the group has worked together on numerous exhibitions, publications, and web-based projects, all of which address contemporary issues in photography and image making. Our practice is truly collaborative, and all the works we create are attributed to the group as a whole. Because of the special nature of this collaboration, our projects do not conform to the traditional structures that photographic work often fits into, nor can our concepts be easily explained by a simple thematic text. We treat our collaboration as a microcosm, a space where the most contentious and exciting subjects in contemporary photography, art, and culture at large can be stripped away from the Grand Narratives to which they have been assigned, and be explored in a more intentional, devious, and uncompromising way.

Selected Exhibitions:

2017 A Concept is a Brick, Satellite Gallery, CASP, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
2017 Nature vs. Nurture, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL (curated by Younsoo Kim Flynn)
2016 Aperture Summer Open, Aperture Foundation, New York, NY, curated by Charlotte Cotton
2016 Treading Water, Kilroy Metal Ceiling, Brooklyn, NY (forthcoming)
2016 Echo Decoy Limit, Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, CA
2016 Digital Scarcity, Superchief Gallery, New York, NY
2016 Common Sense(s), Woodstock Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY
2016 Current Obsession, Webber Gallery, London, UK
2016 Full Empty, Filter Space, Chicago, IL
2015 F*cked Up, Humble Arts Foundation
2015 The Heart Grows Fonder, Format Festival, Derby, UK
2015 COMBO, Cordoba Photo Biennial, Cordoba, Spain
2015 A New Glass/Oranbeg Net 14, The Internet
2014 Fragments of an Unknowable Whole, Curated by Timothy Smith, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
2014 DELIBERATE OPERATIONS, Next Art Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 DELIBERATE OPERATIONS, Neon Heater Gallery, Findlay, OH
2013 EVERYTHING IS ANYTHING ELSE, Mt. Comfort Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
2013 EVERYTHING IS ANYTHING ELSE, Third Party Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Artist Lectures, Presentations, Fairs & Conferences:

2017 Chicago Art Book Fair, Chicago Athletic Association, Chicago, IL
2017 Visiting Artist Lecture, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
2016 Visiting Artist Lecture, The University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
2016 Baxter St. Self Published Photo Book Fair, The Camera Club of New York (curated by Anouk Kruithof)
2016 Reciprocity Failure, Panel Discussion w/ Jaclyn Wright & The EIC, Latitude, Chicago, IL
2016 LA Art Book Fair, EIC Press, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Visiting Artist Lecture, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Selected Publications & Features:

2017 Glasstire
2016 San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Ain't Bad Magazine
2016 Huffington Post
2015 Labor Magazine, Issue #3 (forthcoming)
2015 Collector Daily
2015 Plantation Journal, Issue #4
2014 Conveyor Magazine, Issue #6
2014 Wandering Bears
2014 Self Publish Be Happy
2014 DELIBERATE OPERATIONS Vol. 1 Iss. 1 & 2
2013 I Like This Art
2013 I Like This Blog
2013 Digital Faun
2013 Latent Image


MoMA Artist Book Collection, MoMA Library
Franklin Furnace Archive
SAIC Special Collections - Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection